Jim Jones


Jim cannot remember a time in his life when music did not captivate him. His earliest memories are of trips to Bean Blossom, Indiana with his parents and grandparents to hear the “greats of Bluegrass”.  Then, came Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly to name just a few.  By this time, Jim was completely hooked and his transistor radio never left his ear.  Doo-wop, folk country and rock n roll…He loved it all!

After learning to play guitar in 1964 (the same year the Beatles came to America-what a coincidence) Jim joined his first band in high school and never lost that passion for playing great songs with great players.  The best of those, he says is his wife, Vickie, who sings lead vocals with Reckless Abandon and has been his musical partner for over 40 years.  After performing as a duo and with several bands since college, the two founded Reckless Abandon in 2000 with the goal being to form an acoustic band with emphasis on great vocal harmonies. 

Together, Jim and Vickie select songs to perform that have been among their favorites over the course of their lives and use them as a sort of “time machine” for the band and their fans.

Vickie Jones

From her first vocal solo in 4th grade, Vickie was hooked on performing and especially singing!  She continued to perform through high school and college in various groups performing many different genres of music such as madrigal, jazz, Broadway, country and rock n roll. 

Playing piano from the age of five gave Vickie a greater understanding of harmonies which has allowed her the honor of singing background vocals with several of Denver’s well-known artists over the past 20 years including Jim Ratts, Liz Masterson, Jimmy Ibbotson, David Peel,  and Dakota Blonde’s Mary Huckins. 

“Achieving those beautiful harmonies is what I love most about performing with my husband, Jim and bandmates, Butch Hause and Chris Stongle in Reckless Abandon.”

Butch Hause


A 43 year veteran of the music business, Butch performs, produces and mixes sound across the country.  As the band’s bassist/vocalist, Butch’s musical influences run from The Beatles to Haggard, to Miles Davis. 

This two-time Grammy nominee has never held a day job but is certain that a LOTTO win is just a dollar away.  He’s furiously working on his legacy and hopes to have it done sometime next week.

Chris Stongle

For the past 30 years, Chris Stongle has been one of the most requested sidemen (wingmen) both in the studio and/or on stage for many of Colorado’s top legendary bands and artists because of his diverse skill in all types of music. 

Here’s a small list of performers requesting his infectious groove…Chris Daniels and The Kings, Hazel Miller, Runaway Express, John McCuen, Jimmy Ibbotsen, Baxter Black, Reckless Abandon, John Alex Mason, Flash Cadillac, Dakota Blonde, Jon Chandler, Steve Brodsky, Sababa, Rabbi Joe Black, Kenny Cox Band, Doug Kershaw, Pete Martinez, The Resonatorz. 

Chris’s favorite venue to play has to be Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Reckless Abandon is a perfect fit with its wide range of styles.  Ahhh… There’s that smile that he’s known for!